Response Rates to Leaflet Distribution

What response rate can you expect from residential leaflet distribution is a one of our most asked questions. Many factors determine the success of a campaign, keeping some simple elements in mind can improve your chances.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is a great source of research and comment on this subject. They divide leaflets into two categories. The first is leaflets used to create brand awareness. We have talked elsewhere about having a strategy of multiple drops. Using an initial leaflet to create and build brand recognition will benefit less established businesses. Further drops can be expected to convert that recognition into familiarity and trust, and ultimately to sales.

One of the other things to consider when predicting response rate is how often a consumer is likely to buy the product. Comparing the response rate for flyers for Pizza to those for double glazing will always be misleading. Pizza you may buy weekly, windows only once in 10 years. The objectives for your campaigns to these two markets would be different. With the campaign to promote windows you would probably be looking to establish your business in the mind of the householder while tempting those planning a purchase to choose your business. When promoting your Pizzas, you would be looking for a more prompt response while anticipating that the leaflet would end up pinned to the fridge for regular referral.

In both these cases the campaign approach scores highly in terms of maximising the return on investment. Building trust, familiarity and awareness are the key elements to fixing your offer in the mind of the consumer. This works for both the well-established business which starts with a higher level of brand recognition, and for the newer company looking to create an appreciation for their offering. As we have said before people don’t tend to respond to something on first view, they need to see it regularly, relying on the drip effect combined with effective targeting of the right audience with good quality actionable flyers.

Another point to consider when looking to understand the response rate to your campaign is how you will identify from whom and how you are getting engagement. Dedicated phone numbers or email addresses and promotion or discount codes are often used methods of tracking conversions. Once you have those in place and with clear goals set for you campaign calculating the return on investment should be easy. Burst Marketing’s door to door engagements gives your brand access to consumers who will retain your information, respond to it and engage more often and more effectively than the ephemeral world of social media. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you fuel your growth.